Purple Crawfish Washer

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Cowboy’s Crawfish Washer cleans an entire sack of live crawfish in minutes. Our patented system creates a constant flow of water that keeps crawfish moving while flushing grass and debris over the top and mud out the bottom drain.

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7 reviews for Purple Crawfish Washer

  1. Danny L.

    Used the Crawfish Washer last night for 200lbs of crawfish. Worked like a frickin’ charm! Purged a sack in no time at all – crystal clear water in 4-5 minutes and the gut tract was clean. Going to buy a second one today. Fantastic product!

  2. Joelyn Z.

    LOVE our Crawfish Washer! Easy to use and quickly cleans those mudbugs! This product is awesome!

  3. Robert G.

    We washed 100 lbs and did 5 batches using the Crawfish Washer. Water was crystal clear after a few minutes of running it. The Crawfish Washer is perfect, makes it so easy!

  4. Robert G.

    We had the best crawfish boil ever last weekend – due in large part to the Crawfish Washer. We had 100 lbs. and did 5 batches. Every batch hotter that the last. Each batch I washed the crawdads about 10-15 minutes and the water was crystal clear, in years past I always did it in a cooler. Using the cooler was always a pain in the ass, crawfish down the driveway when that lid popped open. I didn’t lose one crawdad using the Crawfish Washer. Using the Crawfish Washer saved so much time and was very easy to use. A buddy of mine from Thibodaux, LA said that they were perfect this year. Thank you, Crawfish Washer!

  5. Randy B.

    Used mine for the first time today. Amazing product!

  6. Kelly B.

    Bought one a couple of weeks ago, works perfect and the crawfish were so clean! Recommend!!

  7. Mike P.

    Used it for the 1st time last week, game changer. Must for cleaning crawfish.

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