5-Gallon Game Washer


  • Place Game Washer in a well-drained area
  • Remove the lid/seat, connect to a standard water hose and turn on the water
  • Place breasted birds, fish fillets or other game in the Game Washer
  • Feathers, blood and unwanted debris is flushed out and over the top as the bucket fills
  • Remove game once the water clears
  • Game is clean, cooled to water temperature and ready for the freezer – no additional washing needed

If you have a problem or issue with this product,
email info@gamewasher.com and we will resolve or replace.
Incidental leaks are designed and expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t have very good water pressure, will it still work?
Yes! Of course the pressure creates turbulence and more turbulence equals more action. But as long as you have enough pressure to keep what you are washing moving, it will work. It just may take a bit longer.


Will it wash fish?
Most definitely! Actually it works very well on fish. Fish are not as dirty or as bloody as birds but still must be washed. They wash up in just a couple of minutes eliminating all hand washing. A quote from one professional guide who fishes numerous days a week said “it dramatically reduces my cleaning time.”


How many birds or fish can I wash at one time?
Pile them in there. You will be amazed at how many it will wash. If you have so many in it that the circulation stops, then take a few out. I washed 112 quail at one time.


How long does it take to wash game?
Again it depends on how many you wash at once. Typically it should take 3 to 4 minutes on fowl and about 2 minutes on fish.


What are the different ways you have seen the Game Washer in use?
Most just drop game in and turn it on. I have seen the Game Washer filled with 1/3 ice along with the game. Once turned on, it cleans and cools the meat quickly.
I noticed that, sometimes, game gets caught on the pipe riser.
This is okay and expected. I had to design it that way to keep circulation going. Whatever hangs on the riser will be cleaned like everything else because the water current is rushing over it.


What other game will it wash?
Deer quarters, duck, pheasant, fish, squirrel, turkey, quail, chucker, rabbit, hogs…It’ll wash just about anything you can fit in it.


Will it wash large game like deer or hogs?
Yes. It is very effective if you stand a quarter in the Washer. It may not tumble due to size, but the water will still circulate around and scrub it clean of any hair or blood.
What if I clean my birds in the field without water?
You still have to wash them at some point. After breasting them out, throw them in the Game Washer and place ice on them. When you get to a water source, just hook it up and give them a good wash.


What if I have too much pressure for what I am washing?
You can turn the water down to reduce the speed of flow.


Will it wash vegetables?
Yes. With the proper water pressure, it is very effective in washing 15 to 20 potatoes at one time. No more scrubbing by hand before cooking! Washes turnips, carrots, other leafy items. You can also remove the shucks off of corn then drop the ears in the Washer and watch it take the hard to remove silk right off.

Use the Game Washer bucket to gather your vegetables in the garden and then wash everything at once.


My Washer has a small leak around the hose connection. Is that OK?
Yes. That is normal and expected. Fill it up and the water overflows anyway.


Is there a motor on it that makes it circulate?
No. It is a patented process that just works when connected to water pressure.


How should I connect the Game Washer if I still need my water hose for other things?
I bought a Wye with ball-valve cutoffs at the lawn and garden center along with an 8 foot hose. Works great! This way I can keep the Game Washer hooked up permanently at my dock or cleaning station.


Do I have to clean (breast birds or filet fish) before washing?
Yes. The Game Washer is designed to eliminate the hand washing before you place game in the freezer bag.


Where can I buy the Wild Game Washer?
You can purchase from our online store or find us at a retailer near you. You can find a list of online retailers here.

The Wild Game Washer can be found in hundreds of physical retail locations all over the USA. Click here for a state-by-state listing of our retail partners.