I began hunting birds with my BB gun in the woods by my house at a young age. Now, 45 years later, I am still hunting all across Texas and the United States. Like a lot of great inventions, the Wild Game Washer was born out of necessity. I designed this product to simplify my life.

When we realized the Wild Game Washer’s potential, we started a family business – Texan Made and Texan Proud. Our family consists of my wife and myself, our three grown daughters, a son-in-law and two grandsons. My daughters grew up with great memories of times spent with family and friends at hunting camps, on fishing trips, and sitting in deer stands or turkey blinds.

We want to continue these memories with the next generation, and by using the Wild Game Washer we can spend less time cleaning fish and game and more time with family and friends.

Cowboy's WIld Game Washer and Crawfish Washer products

We have had some great responses from customers. Here are a few of the comments they have left for us on our Facebook page.

We’d love to hear your feedback too – so if you have a comment, photo or video, please send it over! Thanks!

“If you have ever cleaned a bird or plan on cleaning one you need one of these.” -Todd N

“Man I’ll tell you what, Cowboy’s Wild Game Washer has saved me so much time and effort! Not to mention the happy customers that get pretty white fillets at the end of the trip….. cleaner than if I wash by hand! And when thawing fish for frying… it’s a breeze now! Thanks yall!” – Brad Doyle, Bradley’s Guide Service

“Love our bird washer! Used it for the first time last dove season and it made cleaning so much easier! I can’t wait for this season to use it!” – Kayla M.

“Worked great — I love it! Thank y’all!” – Brandon H.

“Saved a lot of time, was efficient and really cool to watch!”

“Man this thing is awesome! A buddy has one and it does wonders for his fish. I can’t wait to get my hands on the crawfish size!” – Kevin R.

“I saw one of these cleaners in action this weekend…now I’m getting one.” – Jay S.

“Washed over 100 birds for our group with it. This is an awesome product.” – Austin D.

“I am with Rivers West Ranch and I use this when I clean fish, doves and ducks. It typically takes me 30 min to wash meat before packaging, but with the Cowboy’s Wild Game Washer I just throw the meat in the bucket while I’m cleaning the game, hook it up to a hose when I’m almost finished and the meat is ready to package when I finish cleaning knives, cutting board , etc. incredible product. Saves so much time.” – Jonathan W.

“We got one, works good ,fill with water slow first till full, then turn it on full blast ,we enjoy it for sure makes cleaning lot easier” – Billy M.

“Used one this dove opener. Cleaned 150 dove breast fast.” – Richard C.

“They are amazing! I used one washing 180 quail I butchered… so I know they work!!” – Troy H.

“I just discovered another excellent use for the GameWasher. I collect and preserve bird skulls. After I let them rot in the ground or in my beetle box I have to clean the skulls of dirt and debris before I can clean and preserve them. That part of the project used to take the most time of all the other steps. The GameWasher helps immensely in this project. I just load the thing up with a few dirty skulls, turn on the GameWasher and in a few minutes all the skulls are almost completely clean! The best part is that I can adjust the water pressure to match the delicate nature of the skulls…for a hog skull, I can really crank up the pressure but for a delicate snipe or quail skull, just a bit of pressure to get the water moving does the trick! Thanks for developing this product man!” – John P.

“Great product.” – Tommy D.

“Used Cowboy’s Wild Game Washer a few times with fish. Works great. Even thawed out a bag of frozen fillets in minutes. Can’t wait to use the crawfish washer in a couple weeks. Simple but very effective product. Great job.” – Adam S.

“It works great!” – Michael S.

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I love your product. I have the 5 gallon Game Washer, and it has saved me tons of time. I hunt birds a bit more than an average hunter and kill around 200 snipe and over 100 ducks per year. Plus, I have an annual wild game supper that I have as a fundraiser for the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, so lots of people donate their birds and other game to me…uncleaned of course. I received your Game Washer as a gift, and it has been fantastic. A bit skeptical at first, I tried it and it is amazing. I clean each bird separately, and once I am through with one bird, I toss it in the Game Washer for what I figured would be an initial wash. Imagine my surprise and delight, however, that by the time I pitched in the last bird and let it swirl around for just a moment, ALL the birds were clean and free of feathers and blood clots, etc. Wow! I just pull out the birds and pack them directly for the freezer. No more squeezing out blood clots, picking out bits of feathers and all that. Just out of the Game Washer and directly in the freezer. Then, I turn over the Game Washer and run the water in it for just 2 to 3 seconds and it becomes clean as a whistle as well. It makes me wish I had thought of it. Thanks for the fantastic product! – John P., III

Don’t forget (to use it as a) fish filet washer, it’s used by Therapy Charters daily. Clean filets with no guts or bellies mixed in! – John F.

This is the best thing to come out in a while. – Johnny M.

If you have never tried one of these, you need to! – Todd N.

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