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Cowboy’s Wild Game Washer revolutionizes the game cleaning process by flushing away all kinds of debris when washing breasted birds, fish fillets, and other small game. The patented riser sprays water in a fan pattern and creates a powerful vortex that lifts debris, flushing it over the top while gently tumbling game to ensure thorough cleaning. No more washing game one at a time by hand and no more mess in the sink.

The Game Washer comes with a hard plastic lid.

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8 reviews for Game Washer

  1. Thomas B., International Businessman & Recreational Hunter

    The Wild Game Washer is a direct hit for those I take on hunting trips! It saves a lot of time and cleans all those birds with ease, helping me be more productive and enjoy time with my clients. This is a winner!

  2. John W., Ranch Owner & Hunter

    Sportsmen will love the Wild Game Washer! This super-bucket will revolutionize the game bird and fish cleaning process! It easily reduces the drudgery of cleaning, saving time while providing superior cleaning.

  3. Ben M., Rancher & Commercial Outfitter

    The Wild Game Washer cleans and flushes game so effectively, everyone should have one. It removed hours of tedious work in my commercial hunting operation.

  4. Mark M., Rancher & Hunter

    It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning birds, fish, or even big game quarters, I have never seen anything like this. Cowboy’s Wild Game Washer would be my vote for new product of the year.

  5. Jay Gamberini

    Used on Quail this past spring. Fantastic!

  6. Rocky (Lee) Cooley

    Used to wash pheasants and ducks in South Dakota. Works like a dream. Recommend to any hunter – next purchase will be the jumbo washer for deer and hogs. Customer service is top-notch as well, tried to order online, had an issue (probably on my end). I sent an email at 7 am Texas time on Jan 1! Within 5 minutes, I rec’d an email back with a number to call. Placed order without issue. Great product and customer service!

  7. Mike Scanlan (verified owner)

    I guide pheasant hunting in Minnesota on Hunts Point game preserve. At times we will clean up to 250 pheasants at one time. The pails are truly a time saver and birds come out very clean…..

  8. Tamara

    The Gamewasher really makes our lives better. No more feathers in my sink.

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