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Cowboy’s Fish Washer revolutionizes the fish cleaning process by flushing away all kinds of debris when washing fish fillets, breasted birds, and other small game. The patented riser sprays water in a fan pattern and creates a powerful vortex that lifts debris, flushing it over the top while gently tumbling game to ensure thorough cleaning. No more washing game one at a time by hand and no more mess in the sink.

The 5-gallon Fish Washer comes with a hard plastic lid.

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6 reviews for Fish Washer

  1. Dave T., Former Professional Fisherman

    For fresh or saltwater, the Wild Game Washer is a must-have item for your dock, your boat, or the back of your truck. Simply fillet the fish, toss them in, and let the water do the rest!

  2. Rachelle M.

    Let me tell you about this Fish Washer. I had heard a few people talking about it and looked into it, but didn’t really see what the big deal was…until I tried it! HOLY COW ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I have NEVER seen fish so clean and white in my life!!!! The days of rinsing fish filets over and over again are long gone! It holds more than it seems too! Cleaned and threw over 50 Crappie in there and it still had room for more! IT IS AMAZING! It’s so great not only did we get another one, but also bought a Crawfish Washer!

  3. Chris E., Sales Executive & Sport Fisherman

    This is a great gift item for my customers. Finally, a holiday or special occasion gift I can give to my customers that is really worth something!

  4. Jett R.

    Seriously, the best item I’ve ever purchased!

  5. Matt Barnard (verified owner)

    A person wouldn’t believe the amount of scales and sand that is still on your fish after cleaning. A couple of minutes in the Fish Washer – and you’re all done! No blood, scales, or sand. Super clean filets.


    Purchased your Game Washer for cleaning doves. Unbelievable product! If you do your part and get the skin off of dove breasts, the Game Washer does the rest. No feathers, no blood, clean enough for freezer. I personally use a small minnow dip net to remove feathers that are on top of water in bucket to speed up process.

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