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Self-Filling Waterer

 Ideal for pets and small to medium-sized livestock.

– Dogs · Goats · Pigs · Sheep · Horses and More –

Inspired by our dog, Tex, this Waterer was designed to keep water fresh and cool in the heat of summer. The turbulence caused by the nozzle prevents algae buildup and mosquito growth which is better for your animal’s health. It also helps prevent water from freezing in the winter.

You can use Cowboy’s Self-Cleaning Waterer with the water timer for automatic periodic filling and flushing. Attach to a drain hose to direct overflow to your trees or shrubs.

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Dog and Livestock Waterer



The Waterer provides your animals with access to clean, fresh water all day long. Your pets or animals will be healthier and better hydrated.

When attached to a timer and adjusted properly, the Waterer:


  • Eliminates the need for daily cleaning (may need to remove large debris, leaves)
  • Flushes debris and replenishes water
  • Keeps water cool in the heat of the day while you are away
  • Circulates water to reduce or eliminate freezing in cold weather
  • Significantly reduces or eliminates algae
  • Eliminates mosquito larva
  • Eliminates smell from stagnant water
  • Reduces risk of illnesses caused by stagnant or contaminated water
  • Conserves and reduces water usage
  • Drained water can be routed to flower beds, shrubs or trees by attaching a drain hose to the rear of the pail
    (a 3′ drain hose is included with purchase)



The reduced spray head only allows 2 to 4 gallons of water flow per minute (much less than the average unrestricted water hose flow of 12 GPM).

Running the Waterer for 3 minutes to flush and clean the pail will use about 12 gallons of water compared to 36 gallons if you run a standard hose for that same time.


  • 20 QT Pail
  • 2-4 Gallons Per Minute
  • 1-3 Minutes Per Use



    Programmable Water/Sprinkler Timer

    • Attach the timer at your spiget
    • Set the timer to come on for a few minutes for each refill and refresh sessions according to your pet’s needs
    • Timer model may vary by availability
    • Available for purchase with or without a timer

    3′ Drain Hose

    • Attach the drain hose to divert water away from the pail
    • Runoff can be used to water plants, shrubs, trees, etc.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How is this different from my normal water bowl?

      This is a self-cleaning pet and livestock waterer. It connects to a garden hose on the side of your house and has a specially-designed, reduced fitting that sprays water along the bottom. As the water rises it flushes all the debris up off of the bottom and it goes out of the drain. You can connect it to a timer and have it come on 2-3 times each day to give your pets or animals fresh water and clean the bowl on a regular basis.

      What types of animals can I water with this product?

      This waterer is a 20-qt pail and is about 12 inches tall. It is ideal for pets and small to medium-sized livestock. It is great for dogs, goats, sheep, pigs and other medium-sized animals. 

      How does the self-cleaning feature work?

      The pail attaches to a standard water hose, but because the nozzle on the inside is reduced, the water enters the pail at a high rate of speed, creating turbulence that helping to clean the pail and flush debris out of the drain. This nozzle will drastically reduce the amount of algae buildup compared to a normal water bowl. I’ve used my Waterer for 1.5 years without having to wash it by hand and it is as clean as ever!

      Can I water my horses or cows with this product?

      This waterer is probably too small for broad use with large animals, but you might be able to fasten the pail to a post or inside a stable to water a single horse. The concern would be to keep the pail from getting knocked over and keeping it filled when watering large livestock.

      How does this product save water?

      This product will reduce the water usage whenever watering your pets. Average water pressure is about 10-12 gallons per minutes. The designed fitting in the bottom is reduced so you don’t have to turn your water on very high. You just barely crack the water faucet open and it will create strong turbulence while putting out somewhere between 2.5 to 3 gallons per minute.

      What are some benefits of the Pet & Livestock Waterer?

      There are numerous benefits to this Pet & Livestock Waterer, Once it kicks on, it will fill the pail and flush out any debris off the bottom. It will ensure fresh water in the summer on those long, hot summer days. It will eliminate any mosquito larvae from growing or breeding in the pail. It will also eliminate or greatly reduce algae growth. The turbulence also helps prevent freezing in the winter.

      Is the water timer included?

      You can purchase the Waterer with or without the timer. Attach a water timer to your faucet to automate the watering process and set the frequency according to fit your animal’s needs. Depending on how much water is needed, you can have the timer kick on two or three times each day for about 2-3 minutes each time. That should be enough to circulate, clean the pail, and fill with fresh water.

      Is a drain hose included?

      Yes, a 3′ drain hose is included. You can attach the hose to the rear spout to direct the overflow away from the bucket to water trees, shrubs or plants. 

      “As Clean As You Can Get ‘Em!”