Self-Cleaning Waterer

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Keeps water for pets and livestock full, fresh and clean. The restricted nozzle on the bottom of the pail fills and circulates water so that it stays clean and cool in the summer. Reduces algae growth and eliminates mosquito breeding. A drain hose attaches to the overflow drain at the top/rear of the Waterer to allow debris to drain away and diverts water to trees, shrubs, plants, etc. (3′ drain hose is included with purchase). Attaches to a standard water hose.

Available in Red, Green or Blue.

20-QT, flatback bucket with handle, 3′ drain hose, and watering timer.

Does NOT include a watering timer. Click to purchase with a timer.

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5 reviews for Self-Cleaning Waterer

  1. M. Robb La Montagne (verified owner)

    Excellent Product! I bought about a year ago. Best purchase if you have multiple dogs. I have yet to clean the bucket as stated, just skim surface for large stubborn red oak leaves that cannot fit through drain. Highly recommend to couple it with the timer, every 4 hours at 3 minutes seems to work best for our bird dog “menagerie”. Keeps water cool during the summer which encourages our animals to drink more. Plus great customer service as well, Tim personally called me to ensure my order and I received the next day.

  2. Tiff K

    I have a Saint Bernard who makes a mess out of his water dish after one drink with his slobber. I needed to find something to help me because cleaning and refilling his water 15 times a day just wasn’t fun. So glad I found this and it works perfectly! Only problem
    I’m going to have is during the winter months. This isn’t something you can have inside your house.

  3. Lynn

    Our lab only drinks outside and now has clean, fresh water all the time. We have it set on a timer and it comes on twice a day and I never have to worry about him having clean fresh water.

  4. Callie

    Our lab loves having fresh water in the Texas heat and it’s nice to leave it outside and not have to worry about the mess indoors, especially with a toddler. I highly recommend using a self timer two times per day and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the bowl.

  5. Teresa

    I have bought every size. They are awesome for chickens, goats, dogs, and horses. They stay clean, the water is cool, and I don’t have to worry about them running out of water. I can’t say enough about these.

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