Jumbo Game Washer

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Cowboy’s Jumbo Game Washer cleans deer quarters, hog quarters, large catches of fish, or large amounts of upland game birds in minutes. Our patented system creates a constant flow of water that flushes hair, grass and debris over the top while blood and mud flow out the bottom drain.

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2 reviews for Jumbo Game Washer

  1. Bill W.

    I’ve used the Jumbo Washer for deer processing. I quarter up the deer and clean the meat in the washer. It floats dirt, hair, dried blood, etc… away with ease. Great product – will recommend to all my friends.

  2. Matt Barnard

    This takes ALL of the cleanup work out of washing doves and pheasants. No more picking small feathers that get stuck where they shouldn’t – and no more feathers in the sink to clean up. Great for ducks, geese, dove, pheasants, and all kinds of fish.

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