A Wildly Superior Clean

Wild Game, Fish, and Crawfish washed clean in minutes!

Feathers, Blood, Scales and Debris!

will wash almost anything

Dove, Crawfish, Quail, Ducks, Fish, Pheasant, Geese, Deer & Hog Quarters, Vegetables and more!

Cowboy’s Wild Game Washer, Crawfish Washer, Jumbo Washer and Fish Washer flushes away dirt and debris, saving time while providing superior cleaning. Attach to a standard water hose and watch as the patented riser fills the pail and creates a fast-moving vortex that washes and cleans all kinds of upland birds, game, crawfish and seafood.

Cowboy’s products are proudly made in the USA!


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The Self-Cleaning Pet and Livestock Waterer provides cool, clean water all year long! 

Self-cleaning • Eliminates mosquitoes & algae • Connects to a water timer for automatic filling

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