Self-Cleaning Chicken Waterer

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Cowboy’s Self Cleaning Chicken Waterer keeps chickens’ water fresh and clean. This product is the same as the pet waterer except it has 4 side mounted poultry nipples. (If your chickens drink from an open pail then the Self-Cleaning Pet Waterer is your best option.) The waterer has a restricted nozzle that blasts water across the bottom like a pressure washer pushing dirt and debris up out of the drain at the top. This process fills and helps keep water fresh and clean. When allowed to come on regularly (manually or with timer) it eliminates stagnant water and mosquitoes. It also reduces algae buildup.
Included is a 3-foot drain hose to divert overflow away from the area. It can even be diverted to nearby trees, shrubs, gardens etc.

20-QT, flatback bucket with handle, 3′ drain hose, and watering timer.

This option does not include a watering timer. Click here to purchase with a timer.

How to use for baby chicks.
This waterer with the nipples is ideal for baby chicks. It is designed with a backflow preventer in the spray nozzle. This means you can disconnect the water hose and the water will not flow backwards out of the bucket. When chicks are 1 to 2 weeks old, fill up the chicken waterer to about ¾ full (at least 2” above the water nipples) Place some sort of lid or cover on the bucket (I use a board or canvas bonnet) then set the bucket in with your chicks. The water stays clean and fresh if you replace it daily. Now when you move your chicks to the outside coop, you simply move the Self-Cleaning Waterer with them and attach to the hose as described. Now your chickens are already trained and there is no change in their waterer.

How often and how long do I run the waterer?
Multiple flushes are what keep it clean and fresh. As stated, you can turn it on manually or with a sprinkler timer. Adjust length of run time and how often based on environment, how dirty and how many animals it is servicing. Typically, a couple times per day for 2 or 3 minutes. More animals and in a dirty environment will require more flushes.
Proper water flow
adjust the flow enough where it causes turbulence but not enough that it overtakes the drain.
Does it fill itself?
This waterer does not have a float valve. It only fills when turned on. So, if you have multiple animals drinking a lot, you need to consider that when deciding run times.
What if I grow algae?
You may or may not grow algae if flushing regularly. That depends on the makeup of your water. If so, you do not need to disconnect the hose. Simply turn water on and scrub with a sponge. Let the waterer flush itself. Turn off once clear. I recommend a quick scrub once algae first starts to appear. Makes job very easy.
Type of water hose
Use a standard water hose. The shorter the better. If it takes a while for your water to cool down, then add that to your cycle time.
Pail Height 13 inches
Pail Capacity 5 gallons

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  1. Chicken novice

    This is the best water system ever. I have had it for almost a yr and no issues. I never mess with the water or have to clean out cups. I love it. just purchase the water timer. I also bought an extra long discharge tube so the water exit is about 20 feet from the coup.

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