Crawfish Washer

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Cowboy’s Crawfish Washer cleans an entire sack of live crawfish in minutes. Our patented system creates a constant flow of water that keeps crawfish moving while flushing grass and debris over the top and mud out the bottom drain.

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15 reviews for Crawfish Washer

  1. Judy S.

    Thank you for making a fabulous product. I boil crawfish almost every weekend during crawfish season. I dislike cleaning them. With your product, I let the crawfish washer do its thing and clean by itself while I am doing the actual boil. I’ve already gotten 6 other people buy your product. Thanks again for making my life easier!

  2. Cajun Chef

    I use Crawfish Washers in my restaurants. They work great!

  3. Neil A.

    Met you at the fishing show, bought a Crawfish Washer. Used it yesterday, everyone was impressed with its action in cleaning a few bags of crawfish. Wife is a big shot manager at Pappadeux, and she has never seen them this clean! I originally bought it for cleaning deer at the ranch – but I’ll use it for Crawfish in spring, Ducks in fall, and Deer in fall. Thanks!

  4. Mike T.

    We talked at the LA Sportsman’s Show in Gonzales last week. I bought a crawfish washer for a company crawfish boil the next Monday. The thing did great! So many products never work as they are supposed to, but your Crawfish Washer did a super job cleaning two sacks of crawfish in no time. I even boiled another sack today to show the family how good it did. Thanks for a great product!

  5. Bill W.

    I’ve used the Crawfish Washer multiple times this season and I love it, it’s my go-to piece of equipment when I boil. It’s easy to use and reduces a 20-25 minute cleaning process to about 5-6 mins. I have and will continue to recommend this product to all of my friends, it’s great!

  6. Steve M.

    The most amazing crawfish cleaner known to man! If you don’t have one of these you’re eating…..mud!

  7. Jon G.

    Worked like a champ, cleans mudbugs and no issues!

  8. Brady T.

    Bought one last weekend. I put a sack of oysters in there and they were clean after 2 rounds. Also did crawfish…works really well!

  9. Dawn R.

    Bought my husband one 2 yrs ago he loves it not only he uses for crawfish he uses on crabs also does a great job!!

  10. Ora O.

    2nd year using ours. This thing is really great. Used it yesterday. Can’t boil without it. Makes a real difference.

  11. Rex M.

    Sliced bread? Nope. This is better than sliced bread. Works exactly like they show on the video. We used to use a kid’s pool with holes in the bottom to clean our bugs, but this works much better!

  12. Rocky bop

    Best way to clean crawfish. The other ways people do it take way longer then this thing

  13. Rick

    Does the Crawfish Washer do a great job? Yes! Does it require a lot of water? Yes again. if you’re on concrete and you have great run-off and drainage – you’ll be a happy camper. If you’re on grass without the runoff, I’d get a pair of knee boots at the same time you get your Crawfish Washer. It is definitely a great product but, it will use the water.

  14. Brad Gaspard

    Love it! Only improvement I made was, instead of a cap outlet which is difficult to put on and off while full of water and crawfish, I installed a 1/4 turn ball valve. I also added a quick connect fitting to the inlet. These little upgrades make it 100x better.

  15. Ima Bronto

    Bought this last year after seeing a video and just used it for the first time. I and everyone else were amazed at how clean the crawfish were in about 10 minutes… and it was easy as turning on the water and dumping in the crawfish. I also got the aluminum strainer and that made transferring the crawfish from the cleaner to the boil pot SUPER easy… highly recommend!!

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