Fowl and Fish Washer


Cowboy’s Fowl and Fish Washer is a 40 qt (10-gallon) pail. It is ideal for washing larger amounts of birds, fish, and even vegetables. It works the same way as our other Washers – connect to a water hose and run until the water is clear. The patented riser sprays water in a fan pattern and creates a powerful vortex that lifts feathers, loose scales, blood, and other debris, flushing it over the top while gently tumbling game to ensure thorough cleaning. Mud and heavier debris is flushed out of the bottom drain. The Washer can remove a lot of the blood line and once the water is clear, items can go straight to the freezer. No more feathers, fish smell or dirty mess in the sink.

This Washer is 40 quart (10-gallon) size.

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